We Offer Like-New Used Car Parts At Junkyard Prices

used-car-parts-storeIn the industry for over 30 years, Cream’s Dismantling & Scrap has a selection of tens of thousands of used car parts in like-new condition. The primary service we provide is dismantling damaged or unwanted vehicles – many of these vehicles we purchased from the owner in cash.

We accept over 50 vehicles a day. When we receive a vehicle, our auto mechanics scour the vehicle, pulling out each and every part that could be salvageable. After these parts are collected, they then go through a very strict testing process that determines how effective they still are. We only place the parts of highest quality for sale – parts that are worthy of being placed in a working vehicle. It’s the confidence in our ability to offer quality parts for low prices that has kept us Santa Rosa’s leading used auto part seller for the last three decades.


used-car-parts-salvage-2You won’t get this level of service from other used auto parts sellers. Many of these companies pull out parts blindly, selling them as working parts. It’s only after the buyer, or buyer’s mechanic, spends the time putting the part in the vehicle that they realize the part is defunct or non-working. Likewise, many pick-it-yourself auto parts junk yards can be a problem. If you’re not an expert auto mechanic, it is quite easy to take a part out of a car, pay for it, and install it in your car without knowing if the part is in proper working condition.

We have the expertise that allows us to detect if a part is broken or if it will break soon. That’s expertise you get by only being top of the industry for over 30 years! All of those faulty or questionable parts we could have sold to our customers, we did not.

Ask us about our new parts as well. These never-been-used parts are priced similar to their used counterparts! We believe the quality of new and used parts should be the same – flawless!

Cross-Compatibility Library – Hollander Powerlink

junk-parts-used-autoWe have an extensive library of information that helps you select used auto parts from other makes and models for your vehicle. It’s called the Hollander Powerlink. It can be ridiculously difficult to know if a Honda part is compatible with an Acura, if a Toyota part is compatible with a Ford, etc. The team of experts at Hollander created an elaborate piece of software that compiles all of this information and gives it to us on-demand. That way, we can offer you a wider selection of parts for your vehicle.

Perhaps the best part about our used parts service is that we pick and present the part to you, with no effort on your part. Just let us know which part you need for your make and model, and we’ll make sure it’s not only compatible, but in top condition as well.