That Car/Truck Might Not Be Worth Fixing. Here's Why.


Cars can be quite frustrating when they break down. Some problems are difficult to diagnose without spending lots of money on parts and labor. This is especially true for older vehicles that are reaching the end of their usable life. With aged vehicles, it's always a risk repairing it. The part you replace might not be the right one, or the issue was merely a symptom of a greater problem.


When you are in this situation, it might be best to sell the car to an auto wrecking company. We are Cream's Dismantling & Salvage, serving Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and all of the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

The Trusted Auto Wrecking Company


We are rated the area's #1 Auto Wrecking shop for a good reason - we have unparalleled levels of service and expertise in the automotive industry. Additionally, we pay the very best rates for old, unused, and non-working vehicles.

So, when you're left with an old car that will cost thousands of dollars to fix, Don't Scream… Call Cream's! We'll offer you top dollar for your old vehicle - more money than what your vehicle may be worth even after repairs.

What happens when we receive your vehicle, we fully assess the issues. If the car just needs some simple fixes, we may repair it to A+ condition and sell it used. However, that is rare. More than likely, we will begin the salvaging process on the vehicle. Older vehicles are not as reliable as newer, so we often feel it's best to scrap the car for usable and perfectly-operational parts and wreck the rest. Not only does this take an older, high-polluting vehicle off of the streets, it saves everyone grief while putting quality used car parts back in the used parts market.

Complementary Towing Services


We provide absolutely free towing for anyone who sells us their unwanted vehicle. We'll come to the car's location and tow it with our heavy-duty tow trucks. No matter how big your vehicle, we'll tow it no problem. This is also why we are the best towing service in Santa Rosa. We offer 24/7 emergency towing if you are stuck on the side of the road at any hour of the day.


Our facilities are compliant to all chemical and toxic-material standards in regards to disposal of waste. We're entirely environmentally conscious - we believe that taking old gross polluters and cars in various state of disrepair off of the road creates a better environment for you and for us.

Questions? We're a Call Away

Please let us know if you have any questions about our auto wrecking and auto salvaging services. (707) 546-7553. You can also contact us if you need any Used Parts. We see over 50 vehicles a day, and we're constantly replenishing our stock of like-new used car parts!